Jesus' Call To Hurting People—Disciple Makers Series #12

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


Has God offended you with unanswered prayer?  

Thoughts on the message

Two things. First, John the Baptist is in jail and needs encouragement. Jesus reaches out to him to confirm that, yes, Jesus is everything that John expected of the Messiah. Remember that when you are discouraged and ask God for help.

Second, Jesus does something very interesting. Jesus quotes from Isaiah where Isaiah describes what the Messiah will do—and He does all the things Isaiah declares the Messiah will do—except one. He does not set the captive free as described in Isaiah 61. He does not set John free. This is exactly what John wanted Jesus to do. There are times when God does everything to confirm His love for us—except the one thing we want Him to do. 

What does Jesus say instead? Blessed is the person who does not get offended by what Jesus does. God is not required to do everything we ask. God can decide whether our request is best—and sometimes He says no—and chooses not to give a reason why. In these situations, how do we respond?

Time to pray

Father, I know that You have the best perspective on our life. It is hard to see some prayers not answered when I know that they are good prayers, answering a good need and prayers in line with Your promises. It is hard to see them not answered. Still, I know that You see things I do not see. Help me not to get offended by Your answers. Help me to trust You anyway. Help me to bless Your name anyway. Help me to know that You are doing the best for me. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.