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God took all the commands and laws and summarized them into two critical points: love God and love others. That’s because His love in us heals and transforms us— and His love through us heals and transforms the world around us. Imagine how much He has entrusted to us! We can’t help but share His perfect love and help others be made whole. What a gift! That’s why God wants us to keep growing in loving others well.

Learning to love God first— and loving Him so completely that you love Him with every fiber of your heart, soul, and mind— is a lifelong process.

It comes from daily meeting with Him, seeking Him, and allowing Him to change your heart to be more like His. Learning to love others next is how we cooperate with Jesus and His mission to win the lost and disciple others.

As you continue to grow in loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind, show your love for Him by loving those around you. Fulfill the greatest commandments. Love God. Love others. Be the love of Jesus everywhere you go.