The Veil

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DAY 1: Welcome to the Spirit Realm

You may not be aware of it, but you exist in the spirit realm just as much as you exist in the physical.

The relationship between the realm of the spirit and the physical realm is not so different from the relationships between different realms in the physical. I may not spend a great deal of time in the “realm” of the ocean, but I would be foolish to think what happens there has no effect on me.

I can dump all of my toxic waste into the ocean so that it doesn’t muck up my living room, but when that waste eventually comes back to visit me through the tap or a can of radioactive tuna, I will begin to realize how connected to the ocean I am.

The spirit realm never leaves you, and you never leave it. We are constantly affecting the spiritual atmosphere around us with our thoughts, actions, and mind-sets. Human beings have an immense capacity for affecting their environment. This is also true of the spiritual environment. If I consistently get into angry arguments with my wife, then I have created an environment where the spirit of division and strife can thrive. If I regularly worship in my home, then I have created an environment where the presence of God is attracted and can thrive.