Divine Demolition: A 3-Day Plan

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The engineering required to build skyscrapers, particularly the super tall skyscrapers, is quite a marvel, but what many of us do not know is the precision planning required for the demolition of a tall building is also quite an achievement. Experts say that when a skyscraper needs to be torn down, it is one of the most precisely planned, strategic, and delicately balanced engineering feats one will ever witness. One explosion after another occurs and large dust clouds form. It can seem like chaos and mass destruction. However, when all the dust settles, the evidence shows that it has been a very orderly process, and the surrounding buildings remain completely intact and unharmed. It is a controlled demolition. It is amazing that a building upwards of 45 stories can be torn down by a series of explosions without damaging the surrounding buildings. In fact, the tallest building ever imploded was 47 stories.

This is a lot like the Lord’s sanctifying work in our lives. Often the destruction of the old building is done to make room for something new. In Christ we are putting off the old and putting on the new. The Lord also does this in a very wise, very precise, and very pinpointed way so that even in the midst of destroying the old, He does not harm the new.