Oswald Chambers: Peace - Life in the Spirit

When by the discipline of His Divine guidance, we know Him, and He going with us gives us Rest, then Time and Eternity are merged and lost in that amazing vital relationship. The union is one not of mystic contemplation, but of intense perfection of activity, not the Rest of the placid peace of stagnation, but the Rest of perfect motion.

The human soul is so mysterious that in the moment of a great tragedy men get face to face with things they never gave heed to before. In times of peace, how many of us bother one iota about the state of men’s hearts toward God? Yet these are the things that produce pain in the heart of God, not the wars and the devastation that so upset us.

Reflection Questions: How is the “rest of perfect motion” different from the “peace of stagnation”? In what ways is social and political peace the enemy of peace with God?

Quotations taken from Christian Discipline, © Discovery House Publishers