Oswald Chambers: Peace - Life in the Spirit

The source of peace is God, not myself; it never is my peace but always His, and if once He withdraws, it is not there. If I allow anything to hide the face, the countenance, the memory, the consideration of our Lord Jesus from me, then I am either disturbed or I have a false security.

Lord, in my consciousness this morning a crowd of little things presses in and I bring them straight to Your presence. In Your wisdom, say, “Peace, be still!” and may my ordered life confess the beauty of Your peace.

Reflection Questions: What happens when I try to manufacture peace from within? What do I allow to come between myself and God? What false sense of security do I need to guard against? What little things crowd into my life and mar the beauty of God’s peace?

Quotations taken from Christian Discipline and Knocking at God’s Door, © Discovery House Publishers