NIV Leadership Bible Reading Plan


Courage and Risk Taking

Leaders need courage to make the touch decisions they're faced with every day. Joshua certainly faced a crisis in his leadership role. Not only did he have to contend with the military powers rooted in the promised land, but he also had to face them with an untrained band of nomadic shepherds.

God realized Joshua's need for courage and gave him guidance that would strengthen his faith. First, God reminded Joshua of his faithfulness to keep all of his promises (see vv. 3-6). God had pledged to give the land to his people, and he would fulfill the pledge. Joshua's success didn't rest on a military strategy or well-trained army, but on the faithfulness of God. Second, God commanded Joshua to meditate on the words that Moses had recorded in the five books of the Pentateuch (see vv. 7-8). The "Book of the Law" would give Joshua the wisdom and encouragement he would need to courageously lead the nation.

Third, God promised to be personally present with Joshua (see v.9). No matter how intimidating the enemy or how rebellious the people, Joshua would not have to face them alone. God would always be at his side.

The same sources of courage that empowered Joshua are available today for any leader who will accept them. When faced with a risky business decision, the godly leader will look to God in prayer and to God's revealed Word for the perspective and courage needed to make the right choice. What situation are you now facing that requires courageous leadership and risk taking? Let God's words to Joshua supply you with the courage you need.