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Addressing Questions: Human Experience

Some people read this statement about an “unforgivable sin” and panic. They think, “What if I’ve already committed this sin without knowing it? Am I beyond hope?” But the context shows us the only unforgivable sin: rejecting Christ in an ultimate and irrevocable manner.

The religious leaders here linked Jesus’ miraculous powers with Satan. They viewed Jesus with such contempt that they explained away his miracles by saying the devil was behind them. These men rejected the only One who could forgive them. In effect, they called God Satan. There is no remedy for such an irrational hatred of Jesus and such an upside-down view of the Holy Spirit’s power.

If you’re worried that you may have committed the unforgivable sin in the past, take heart. The fact that you’re concerned shows that you haven’t committed it. Your sins are fully forgivable if you’ll just come to Christ and receive the free gift of his salvation.