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Strengthening Relationships: Social

How are Christians supposed to help other people who are caught in destructive patterns?

According to Paul, Christians must first be strong and secure in their walk with God. Second, they must speak with gentleness. Third, they must exercise humility. Believers who try to help people engaged in destructive behaviors must be aware that they too are vulnerable to temptation. They are to imitate Christ by coming alongside those who are having trouble with the goal of restoring their relationship with God and with other people.

If you’re a spiritual explorer, think of this as a standard that all Christians are given—a prescription for helping others. Unfortunately, not all Christians live up to this standard. But if someone in your life has helped or is trying to help you break a destructive life pattern, recognize that that person is trying to follow Paul’s instructions here. God is concerned that you break the negative patterns in your life and has charged his followers with the responsibility of helping you do just that.