The Journey Reading Plan

Managing Resources: Position

God created each of us with ambition and a desire for significance, yet it is often that drive that blinds us to our need for him.

The ancient Israelites had this same problem. In this passage Moses reminds the people that they are not self-sufficient. He warns them to guard against allowing their prosperity to become a barrier between them and God.

Like the Israelites, we allow our successes to give us the impression that our life is complete without God. But this passage reminds us that all of our abilities—our reasoning powers, our talents, our “business sense,” even our physical strength—are gifts from God. We need to give credit where credit is due. God has given us many opportunities to use our talents for his service, and we need to live our lives being thankful for his goodness to us.

Think about the talents you have. This passage says these gifts are meant to bring you to an appreciation of God’s goodness and, ultimately, to the recognition that he has already been very kind and generous to you.