First Baptist Church, South Haven
Worship Gathering: 4/5/20
Thank you for joining us for worship this morning! While our place of worship has changed from the usual place and time, we are grateful to know that the Body of Christ can worship anytime, anywhere. You can view the sermon video that correlates with today's notes on our YouTube page. As a reminder If you have a need for assistance during this time (grocery delivery, meals, etc.), please do not hesitate to call/text Kim Collins on her cell phone. We have church members ready and willing to help. We can get through this together. Our God is able.
Locations & Times
  • First Baptist Church
    10781 76th St, South Haven, MI 49090, USA
    Sunday 6:00 AM
While our place of worship has changed from the usual place and time, we are grateful to know that the Body of Christ can worship anytime, anywhere. And a building is just that - a building. The Church is the people, not the place we worship. In these troubled times, our witness for Jesus Christ can be evident to those around us as we take wise precautions, while simultaneously living out our faith with what it means to have a peace that passes all understanding. May you be blessed this week as we see God at work through these unprecedented times. We can get through this together. Our God is able.

Worship Video 4/5/2020

You can view the sermon video that correlates with today's notes on our YouTube page by clicking here.
Palms With a Purpose
Matt. 21:6-11
Pastor Jerry Koller
Palm Sunday is a reference to the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem with His disciples in fulfillment of prophecy made by Zechariah
Although they were treating Jesus as their King, in keeping with the meaning of the triumphal entry, it seems clear that they did so with only partial understanding.
Spread out coats and palm branches were ways of expressing homage.
· It was a sign that acknowledged Jesus’ authority and majesty.
· The greeting “Son of David” was a messianic title.
· Coupled with the word Hosanna, the crowd in front of and behind Jesus were in essence saying, “Hail Messiah! Son of David!”
Those who were in the city had a different perspective than the crowds.
· Theirs was one of ignorance.
· They asked, “Who is this? “
Message Goals
· …To have you never look at the palms of your hands the same as you did before Palm Sunday.
· …To encourage you to do something with your palms in regard to the One who comes in the name of the Lord.
· …To encourage you to do something with your palms because you have an answer to the question: “Who is this person?”
David calls out to God in prayer.
· He uses words, which are symbols of speech.
· He uses a part of his body in a symbolic way.
On this Palm Sunday, I encourage you to lift up your hands to the Most Holy Place, to Jesus, and acknowledge His holiness and authority.
Give Him thanks and honor for what He has done and is doing in your life.
We must also lift up our hands to Jesus on behalf of others.
· If there is one group of Americans that should excel in looking out for the needs of others, it should be the church of Jesus Christ.
All of us can do this. All of us must do this for this is good and pleasing to God.
Ways To Look Out For The Needs of Others
1. Do not take this pandemic lightly.

· Take it seriously.
· Submit yourselves to the governing authorities.
Lifting up holy hands is not so much a description of the posture of prayer as it is a reference to cleanliness—to an absence of sin.
· It has to do with purity.
“Everyone” is a term of distinction.
· Prayer should be offered for all without distinction.
3. Pray For Authorities
· Paul mentions kings
· We need to pray for elected officials.
· We are to pray for all those in authority…(the President, the Speaker of the House, our congressmen and women and our senators, our State Governor and other officials.)
Why Pray for Those in Authority?
On this Palm Sunday lift up holy hands in prayer.
· Honor and praise Him.
· Give Him the glory due His name.
· Acknowledge His authority for we are the servants of the King of Kings.
Let us pray for those in authority over us for this is good and pleasing to God our Savior.
COVID-19/ Coronavirus Status
· Current Status: In addition to all FBC activities being cancelled until further notice, we are prohibiting access to the building to everyone unless specific permission has been granted by Pastor Jerry. If you need to come to the church, please contact Pastor Jerry in advance.
· Communication is Important! The key to getting through this is to communicate and continue to support each other however we can. Kim Collins will be working from home as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact her via church email, or by calling/texting her cell at 269-767-2226 if you have any questions or need assistance (grocery delivery, meals, etc.)during this time. We have church members ready and willing to help.
· Be Safe: Please be smart in safeguarding yourselves—not only for your sake, but for the sake of others. If you are sick, stay home.
· Be Faithful: Please be financially faithful. Even if you cannot gather with us, please remember that we still have expenses that need to be met.
· Be Prayerful: Please be in prayer for one another and for our nation at large.
Happy Birthday!
· Shirley Jackson (4/10) and Brooks Norman (4/11)
Happy Anniversary!
· Chet & Renee Goff (4/10, 27 years)
We Care Food Pantry Collection
We will continue our Food Pantry collection for We Care which is needed now more than ever! Please bring your non-perishable items directly to the First Congregational Church on Phoenix Street. We suggest calling ahead (637-3804) to make sure someone is there to receive your items. Suggested items are:
· Cereal
· Dry Pasta
· Canned Vegetables
· Canned Fruit
· Tuna
· Spaghetti Sauce
· Crackers
· Rice-A-Roni
· Pork & Beans
· Canned Soup
· Peanut Butter
· Oatmeal
For questions, contact the church office. Thank you for helping those in our community who are in need.
Summer Camp: Register by 4/15
Contact the church office to register by 4/15 and save $25 off your registration fee! All camps are $350 for the week.
· 7-8th Grade: July 5-11
· 9-12th Grade: June 21-27
Camp participants will have opportunities to earn funds for camp through participation in fundraisers. Contact the church office if you’re planning to attend and watch for more details coming soon.
Mark Your Calendar: Bridal Shower 7/19
All ladies are invited to a Bridal Shower for Molly Blaney (daughter of Steve & Lisa Follman) on Saturday, April 25, at 11:00 AM upstairs at FBC. Molly and her fiancé Alex are registered at Target and Williams Sonoma. Please RSVP to Lisa Follman (269-906-0249) by April 18 if you plan to attend.
New Theology Class: Are You Interested?
We are looking at doing another Theology 1 class during the Sunday school hour (9:15-10:15 AM). If you’re interested in joining this class, sign-up at the Welcome Center or contact the church office.
Weekly Prayer List
· Alyssa Zantello (niece of Doug & Julie Zantello) who is a physician's assistant and has traveled to New York City to help with the corona virus outbreak there. Pray for safety and protection as well as energy and stamina as she serves in this way.
· Crystal Jennings (Tracy Marshall’s brother-in-law’s sister) has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Pray for treatment options as doctors aren’t very hopeful.
· Dave & Linda Ferrell and their family upon the death of Dave's brother, Don Ferrell, who passed away on 3/29.
· Nancy Crowner (friend of Jean Robinson) who is recovering from breast cancer surgery.
· Rylan Jenks (son of Matt & Kristy Jenks, grandson of Don and Deb Jenks) is recovering from surgery for a broken arm. Pray for a quick healing and minimal pain as he recovers.
· Frank Buchert has returned home and is slowly improving; doing well.
Lois Jury (sister-in-law of Steve Follman) is receiving Hospice care.
· Mike Underwood (Rocky & Sandi Starland’s son-in-law’s father) is recovering from heart surgery.
· Allen Quinn (34 year-old nephew of Jim & Marialice Quinn) is recovering from a massive brain stem stroke. He continues therapy in Chicago and is slowly improving.
· Lynn Rarick continues to heal from spinal surgery.
· Edna Frugé is staying with her daughter in Ohio. Her health has improved and she is currently stable. Cards can be sent to Edna Frugé, c/o Monica Holland, 5493 Bermuda Bay Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43235.
Stop by the Welcome Center and pick up a prayer card or look on-line at under “Bulletins” for a list of those with on-going needs.
First Baptist Church
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