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The King's Identity
September 17, 2023 As Jesus has made it clear that the Gentiles will be saved by faith in Him, He now declares His call to all people, that is, His Church. He is the Living God who is the Cornerstone and Foundation Stone upon which He will build His Church. He, and no other, is the beginning and head of the body of believers, His body, by virtue of His personal presence. And since the Living God will always prevail, so His church will also prevail.
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    1800 Raber Rd, Uniontown, OH 44685, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:40 AM

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Today's Passage: Matthew 16:1-20
Watch the Sign
Jonah to Gentiles
Watch the Sign
Israel's rejection
Watch the Sign
Spiritual leaven
The Rock and The Church
Jesus: The Christ, The Son of The Living God
The Rock and The Church
Jesus the Petra
The Rock and The Church
His church
The Rock and The Church
Open, bind, loose


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