Confident Like David

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Do you know who(se) you are?

"...'What are you doing around here anyway?'..." (1 Samuel 17:28, NLT)

After David had come a long way to bring his brothers some food in the midst of the ongoing battle, this is how Eliab, David's oldest brother, greets him. "Well, thank you," David must have thought to himself. "I've walked all these miles for your sake, and this is the appreciation I get?!"

Have you been in situations like this? You try to do good for others, and while you're serving, you are neither encouraged nor appreciated. In some cases, you may even be hurt. Maybe your response is, "I'll never do that again...I guess I don't mean anything to you anyway!" But let's learn from David today! He certainly had every reason to be offended or frustrated with the remark, but here's what makes David stand out: he knew who he was.

Not long before, Samuel had anointed him (1 Samuel 16:12-13, NIRV), and though nothing had yet been revealed about what would one day happen in the life of Eliab's "little brother," David already believed he was meant for greater battles. That's why he wasn't discouraged by Eliab's unkind greeting—David knew there was a greater plan for him, and he was on his way to fulfilling that plan! When God is your main focus, you are always en route to a bigger, greater, and more significant and celebrated future, despite the hurtful words or actions of others.

Perhaps there isn't a prophet standing and waiting at the door to anoint you, but you have the Word of God to tell you about yourself and your future! This is great news…you don't need a prophet to predict future events because God tells you His plan for you through the Bible. God says, "...'You are My servant, I have chosen you;" (Isaiah 41:9, NKJV).

In that confidence, step through the doorway today, believing and remembering that no matter the statement people make about or to you, even if it's "What are you doing here anyway?", you can be confident knowing there is a plan for you because of who—and more importantly whose—you are!

You're a miracle!

Dèborah Rosenkranz

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