Confident Like David

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Your past is not your future!

Have you ever been afraid of seeing someone from your past again, knowing full well that it would remind you of rather unpleasant times? I'm very glad that not everyone knows everything about my past because if I'm honest, I would be ashamed of some of it. I can openly tell you this because I'm sure that you, too, aren't proud of everything that's happened in your past. I've noticed, too, that we sadly often allow these past events to determine our futures…

But there is great news! Do you know what? You don't have to live in the past anymore because Jesus gives you a whole new life with a whole new future! That's something to celebrate—hooray!

When David brought food to his brothers in the war, they wanted to remind him of his past and that he didn't belong there: "'What are you doing around here anyway?'" Eliab snapped at him. "'And who is taking care of those few sheep in the desert for you?'" (1 Samuel 17:28, NLT/NIRV)

Eliab, David's oldest brother, wanted to remind him that he was, after all, "only a shepherd" and should obligingly remain in this past position. In front of all within earshot, Eliab was reminding David of his place: with the sheep, not getting involved with the war. I can't help but wonder if Eliab was threatened, remembering Samuel's recent visit to David's home when the prophet had anointed David as the new king…

David's job tending sheep and goats refined his character and prepared him for his future leading a nation of people who would not always be obedient to God's plan for them. David's role as a shepherd was not embarrassing—it was refining! The fact that he set out and obeyed his father's command to bring food to his family (instead of just staying with the sheep and goats) would make David an obedient king—a man after God's own heart. David was confident and obeyed, and through this obedience, God would do great things through him!

New callings in your life can look uncomfortable to you at first. Yes, you might be laughed at for your past, as David's brothers had laughed at him, and feel like you don't belong. But be confident! It's only when we reconcile and release our past that we realize we can "go further" in God's bigger plan for our lives.

Your past is not your future. You can move on from your past today.

You're a miracle!

Dèborah Rosenkranz