Psalms 95
1Come, let us sing praise to the Lord!
Let us shout praises to the Rock who saves us.
2Come and worship him with songs of thanks.#95:2 songs of thanks Or “thank offerings.”
Let us sing happy songs of praise to him.
3For the Lord is a great God,
the great King ruling over all the other “gods.”
4The deepest caves and the highest mountains belong to him.
5The ocean is his—he created it.
He made the dry land with his own hands.
6Come, let us bow down and worship him!
Let us kneel before the Lord who made us.
7He is our God,
and we are the people he cares for,
his sheep that walk by his side.
Listen to his voice today:
8“Don’t be stubborn, as you were at Meribah,
as you were at Massah#95:8 Meribah … Massah See Ex. 17:1-7. in the desert.
9Your ancestors doubted and tested me,
even after they saw what I could do!
10I was angry with them for 40 years.
I said, ‘They are not faithful to me.
They refuse to do what I say.’
11So in my anger I made this vow:
‘They will never enter my land of rest.’”
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