Psalms 94
1The Lord is a God who punishes people.
God, come punish them.
2You are the judge of the whole earth.
Give proud people the punishment they deserve.
3Lord, how long will the wicked have their fun?
How much longer?
4How much longer will those criminals
brag about the evil they did?
5Lord, they hurt your people
and make them suffer.
6They kill widows and foreigners living in our country.
They murder orphans.
7And they say the Lord does not see them doing these evil things!
They say the God of Jacob does not know what is happening.
8You evil people are foolish.
When will you learn your lesson?
You are so stupid!
You must try to understand.
9God made our ears,
so surely he can hear what is happening!
He made our eyes,
so surely he can see you!
10The one who disciplines nations will surely correct you.
He is the one who teaches us everything.
11The Lord knows what people are thinking.
He knows that their thoughts are like a puff of wind.
12Lord, great blessings belong to those you discipline,
to those you teach from your law.
13You help them stay calm when trouble comes.
You will help them until the wicked are put in their graves.
14The Lord will not leave his people.
He will not leave them without help.
15Justice will return and bring fairness.
And those who want to do right will be there to see it.
16No one helped me fight against the wicked.
No one stood with me against those who do evil.
17And if the Lord had not helped me,
I would have been silenced by death.
18I know I was ready to fall,
but, Lord, your faithful love supported me.
19I was very worried and upset,
but you comforted me and made me happy!
20You don’t help crooked judges.
They use the law to make life hard for the people.
21They attack those who do right.
They say innocent people are guilty and put them to death.
22But the Lord is my place of safety, high on the mountain.
God, my Rock, is my safe place!
23He will punish those evil judges for the bad things they did.
He will destroy them because they sinned.
The Lord our God will destroy them.
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