Job 20
Traditional belief
1Zophar from Naamah said:
2Therefore, my troubled thoughts make me turn back—
because of my inner turmoil.
3I hear teaching that insults me,
but I am forced to answer based on my own understanding.#Heb uncertain
4Do you know this from long ago—
from when humans were placed on earth—
5that the rejoicing of the wicked is short,
the joy of the godless, brief?
6Though their height reaches heaven
and their heads touch the clouds,
7they will perish forever like their dung;
those who saw them will say, "Where are they?"
8They will disappear like a dream,
and none will find them,
carried away like a nighttime vision.
9The eye that saw them will do so no more;
they won’t be seen again at home.
10Their children will repay the poor;
their hands will give back their wealth.
11Vigor filled their bones
and now sleeps with them in the dust.
12Though wickedness is sweet in their mouths,
they hide it under their tongues;
13they like it, won’t let it go;
they hold it in their cheeks.
14Food turns their stomachs,
becoming a cobra’s poison inside.
15They swallow wealth and vomit it;
God dislodges it from their belly.
16They suck cobra’s poison;
a viper’s tongue kills them.
17They won’t experience streams,
rivers of honey, and brooks of cream.
18They won’t receive the reward for their labor;
they won’t enjoy the wealth from their business.
19They crushed and abandoned the poor;
stole a house they didn’t build;
20didn’t know contentment in their belly;
couldn’t escape with their treasure.
21Nothing remained of their food,
so their riches will not endure.
22Even in their plenty, they are hard-pressed;
all sorts of trouble come on them.
23Let God#Or him fill their belly,
unleash his burning anger on them,
rain punishing blows on them.
24If they flee an iron weapon,
a bronze bow pierces them.
25They pull it out, but it sticks out from their backs;
its shaft in their liver brings terror.
26Complete darkness waits for their treasured possessions;
fire that no one stoked consumes them;
what’s left in their tent is ruined.
27Heaven exposes their guilt;
earth opposes them.
28Their household wealth will be carried off
by rushing streams on the day of his anger.
29This is a wicked person’s lot from God,
their heritage decreed by God.
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