Job 19
Failed friendship
1Then Job responded:
2How long will you harass me
and crush me with words?
3These ten times you’ve humiliated me;
shamelessly you insult me.
4Have I really gone astray?
If so, my error remains hidden inside me.
5If you look down on me
and use my disgrace to criticize me,
6know then that God has wronged me
and enclosed his net over me.
God’s treatment of Job
7If I cry "Violence!" I’m not answered;
I shout—but there is no justice.
8He walled up my path so I can’t pass
and put darkness on my trail,
9stripped my honor from me,
removed the crown from my head,
10tore me down completely so that I’ll die, and uprooted my hope like a tree.
11His anger burns against me;
he considers me his enemy.
12His troops come as one
and construct their siege ramp#Or their road against me;
they camp around my tent.
Social ostracism
13He has distanced my family from me;
my acquaintances are also alienated from me.
14My visitors have ceased;
those who know me have forgotten me.
15My guests and female servants think me a stranger;
I’m a foreigner in their sight.
16I call my servant, and he doesn’t answer;
I myself must beg him.
17My breath stinks to my wife;
I am odious to my children.
18Even the young despise me;
I get up, and they rail against me.
19All my closest friends despise me;
the ones I have loved turn against me.
20My bones cling to my skin and flesh;
I have escaped by the skin of my teeth.
21Pity me. Pity me. You’re my friends.
God’s hand has truly struck me.
22Why do you pursue me like God does,
always hungry for my flesh?
Brief hope
23Oh, that my words were written down,
inscribed on a scroll
24with an iron instrument and lead,
forever engraved on stone.
25But I know that my redeemer#Or avenger is alive
and afterward he’ll rise upon the dust.
26After my skin has been torn apart this way—
then from my flesh#Or without my flesh or in my flesh I’ll see God,
27whom I’ll see myself—
my eyes see,#Or have seen and not a stranger’s.
I am utterly dejected.
28You say, "How will we pursue him
so that the root of the matter can be found in him?"#Heb manuscripts; MT in me
29You ought to fear the sword yourselves,
for wrath brings punishment by the sword.
You should know that there is judgment.
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