Psalms 73
1 The psalm of Asaph. God of Israel is full good; to them that be of rightful [or right] heart.
2But my feet were moved almost; my steps were shed [or poured] out almost.
3For I loved fervently on wicked men; seeing the peace of sinners.
4For beholding is not to the death of them; and steadfastness in the sick-ness of them.
5They be not in travail of other men; and they shall not be beaten with men.
6Therefore pride hath held them; they were covered with their wicked-ness and unfaithfulness.
7The wickedness of them came forth as of fatness; they went into desire of heart.
8They thought and spake wayward-ness; they spake wickedness on high.
9They putted [or put] their mouth into heaven; and their tongue passed in [the] earth.
10Therefore my people shall be turned again here; and full days shall be found in them.
11And they said, How knoweth God; and whether knowing is on high?
12Lo! those sinners and having abundance in the world; held riches.
13And I said, Therefore without cause I justified mine heart; and washed mine hands among innocents.
14And I was beaten all day; and my chastising was in morrowtides.
15If I said, I shall tell thus; lo! I [have] reproved the nation of thy sons.
16I guessed, that I should know this; but too much travail is before me.
17Till I enter into the saintuary of God; and understand in the last things of them.
18Nevertheless for guiles [or treach-eries] thou hast put to them; thou castedest them down, while they were raised.
19How be they made into desolation; they failed suddenly, they perished for their wickedness or waywardness.
20As the dream of men that rise; Lord, thou shalt drive their image to nought, in thy city.
21For mine heart is enflamed, and my reins be changed;
22and I am driven to nought, and I knew not. As a work beast I am made with thee;
23and I am ever with thee. Thou heldest my right hand,
24and in thy will thou leddest me forth; and with glory thou tookest me up.
25For why what is to me in heaven; and what would or desire I of thee on earth?
26My flesh and mine heart failed; God of mine heart, and my part is God without end.
27For lo! they that draw away far themselves from thee shall perish; thou hast lost all men that do forni-cation from thee.
28But it is good to me to cleave to God; and to set [or put] mine hope in the Lord God. That I tell all thy preachings, in the gates of the daughter of Zion.

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