Psalms 72
1 To Solomon. God, give thy doom to the king; and thy rightfulness [or rightwiseness] to the son of the king.
2To deem thy people in rightfulness [or rightwiseness]; and thy poor men in doom.
3Mountains receive peace to the people; and little hills receive rightful-ness [or rightwiseness].
4He shall deem the poor men of the people, and he shall make safe the sons of poor men; and he shall make low the false challenger.
5And he shall dwell with the sun, and before the moon, that is, without beginning, and end; in generation and into generation.
6He shall come down as rain into a fleece; and as gutters dropping on the earth.
7Rightfulness [or rightwiseness] shall come forth in his days; and the abun-dance of peace, till the moon be taken away.
8And he shall be lord from the sea till to the sea; and from the flood till to the ends of the world.
9Ethiopians shall fall down before him; and his enemies shall lick the earth.
10The kings of Tarshish and isles shall offer gifts; the kings of Arabia and of Seba shall bring gifts.
11And all kings shall worship him; all folks shall serve him.
12For he shall deliver a poor man from the mighty; and a poor man to whom there was none helper.
13He shall spare a poor man and needy; and he shall make safe the souls of poor men.
14He shall again-buy the souls of them from usuries, and wickedness; and the name of them is honourable before him.
15And he shall live, and men shall give to him of the gold of Arabia; and they shall ever worship of him, all day they shall bless him.
16Steadfastness shall be in the earth, in the highest place of mountains; the fruit thereof shall be enhanced above the Lebanon; and they shall blossom from the city, as the hay of earth doeth.
17His name be blessed into worlds; his name dwell before the sun. And all the lineages of earth shall be blessed in him; all folks shall magnify him.
18Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; which alone maketh marvels.
19And blessed be the name of his majesty without end; and all earth shall be filled with his majesty; be it done, be it done.
20 The prayers, [or praisings, or hymns], of David, the son of Jesse, be ended.

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