Psalms 22
1 To the overcomer, for the morrow-tide hind, the psalm of David. God, my God, behold thou on me, why hast thou forsaken me? the words of my trespasses be far from mine health.
2My God, I shall cry by day, and thou shalt not hear; and by night, and not to unwisdom to me.
3Forsooth thou, the praising of Israel, dwellest in holiness;
4our fathers hoped in thee; they hoped, and thou deliveredest them.
5They cried to thee, and they were made safe; they hoped in thee, and they were not shamed.
6But I am a worm, and not a man; the shame of men, and the out-casting of the people.
7All men seeing me scorned me; they spake with lips, and wagged the head, and said,
8He hoped in the Lord, deliver he him; make he him safe, for he will or delights in him.
9For thou it art that drewest me out of the womb, that art mine hope from the teats of my mother;
10into thee I am cast forth from the womb. From the womb of my mother thou art my God;
11depart thou not from me. For tribulation is next; for none there is that helpeth.
12Many calves encompassed me; fat bulls besieged me.
13They opened their mouth on me; as a lion ravishing and roaring.
14I am poured out as water; and all my bones be scattered. Mine heart is made, as wax floating abroad [or melting]; in the midst of my womb.
15My virtue dried as a tilestone, and my tongue cleaved to my cheeks; and thou hast brought forth me into the dust of death.
16For many dogs encompassed me; the council of wicked men besieged me. They delved mine hands and my feet;
17they numbered all my bones. Soothly they looked, and beheld me;
18they parted my clothes to them-selves, and they sent lot on my cloth.
19But thou, Lord, delay not thine help from me; behold thou to my defence.
20God, deliver thou my life from sword; and deliver thou mine one alone from the hand, or power, of the dog.
21Make thou me safe from the mouth of a lion; and my meekness from the horns of unicorns.
22I shall tell thy name to my brethren; I shall praise thee in the midst of the church.
23Ye that dread the Lord, praise him; all the seed of Jacob, glorify him. All the seed of Israel, dread him;
24for he forsook not, neither despised the prayer of a poor man. Neither he turned away his face from me; and when I cried to him, he heard me.
25My praising is with thee in a great church; I shall yield my vows in the sight of men dreading him.
26Poor men shall eat, and shall be [ful] filled, and they shall praise the Lord, that seek him; the hearts of them shall live into the world of world.
27All the ends of earth shall bethink; and shall be converted to the Lord. And all the meines of heathen men, shall worship in his sight.
28For the realm is the Lord’s; and he shall be Lord of heathen men.
29All the fat men of earth ate and worshipped; all men, that go down into earth, shall fall down in his sight. And my soul shall live to him;
30and my seed shall serve him. A generation to coming shall be told to the Lord;
31and heavens shall tell his rightful-ness [or rightwiseness] to the people that shall be born, whom the Lord made.

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