Psalms 21
1 To victory, the psalm of David. Lord, the king shall be glad in thy virtue; and he shall full out have joy greatly on thine health.
2Thou hast given to him the desire of his heart; and thou hast not defrauded him of the will of his lips.
3For thou hast before-come him in the blessings of sweetness; thou hast set [or puttest] on his head a crown of precious stone.
4He asked of thee life, and thou gavest it to him; the length of days into the world, and into the world of world.
5His glory is great in thine health; thou shalt put glory, and great fairness, on him.
6For thou shalt give him into bless-ing into the world of world; thou shalt make him glad in joy with thy cheer.
7For the king hopeth in the Lord; and in the mercy of the Highest he shall not be moved.
8Thine hand be found to all thine enemies; thy right hand find all them that hate thee.
9Thou shalt put them as a furnace of fire in the time of thy cheer; the Lord shall trouble them in his ire, and fire shall devour them.
10Thou shalt lose the fruit of them from the earth; and the seed of them from the sons of men.
11For they bowed evil against thee; they thought counsels, which they might not stablish.
12For thou shalt put them aback; in thy remnants thou shalt make ready the cheer of them.
13Lord, be thou enhanced in thy virtue; we shall sing, and say openly thy virtues.

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