Psalms 20
1 To victory, the psalm of David. The Lord hear thee in the day of tribulation; the name of God of Jacob defend thee.
2Send he help to thee from the holy place; and from Zion defend he thee.
3Be he mindful of all thy sacrifice; and thy burnt sacrifice be made fat.
4Give he to thee after thine heart; and confirm he all thy counsel.
5We shall be glad in thine health; and we shall be magnified in the name of our God. The Lord [ful] fill all thine askings;
6now I have known, that the Lord hath made safe his christ. He shall hear him from his holy heaven; the health of his right hand is in powers.
7These, that is, adversaries, trust in chariots, and these in horses; but we shall inwardly call in the name of our Lord God.
8They be bound, and felled down; but we have risen, and be raised.
9Lord, make thou safe the king; and hear thou us in the day in which we inwardly call thee.

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