Matthew 9
1And Jesus went up into a boat, and passed over the water, and came into his city.
2And lo! they brought to him a man sick in palsy, lying in a bed. And Jesus saw the faith of them, and said to the man sick in palsy, Son, have thou trust; thy sins be forgiven to thee.
3And lo! some of the scribes said within themselves, This blasphemeth.
4And when Jesus had seen their thoughts, he said, Whereto think ye evil things in your hearts?
5What is lighter to say, Thy sins be forgiven to thee, either to say, Rise thou, and walk?
6But that ye know that man’s Son hath power to forgive sins in earth, then he said to the sick man in palsy [or the man sick in palsy], Rise up; take thy bed, and go into thine house.
7And he rose, and went into his house.
8And the people seeing dreaded, and glorified God, that gave such power to men.
9And when Jesus passed from thence, he saw a man, Matthew by name, sitting in a tollbooth. And he said to him, Pursue thou me. And he rose, and followed him.
10And it was done, while he sat at the meat in the house, lo! many publicans and sinful men came, and sat at the meat with Jesus and his disciples.
11And the Pharisees saw, and said to his disciples, Why eateth your master with publicans and sinful men?
12And Jesus heard, and said, A leech is not needful to men that fare well, but to men that be evil-at-ease [or having evil].
13But go ye, and learn what it is, I will mercy, and not sacrifice; for I came, not to call rightful [or rightwise] men, but sinful men to penance.
14Then the disciples of John came to him, and said, Why we and the Pharisees fast oft, but thy disciples fast not?
15And Jesus said to them, Whether the sons of the spouse may mourn [or wail] as long as the spouse is with them? But days shall come, when the spouse shall be taken away from them, and then they shall fast.
16And no man putteth a patch of rough cloth, [or of rude, or new, cloth], into an old clothing; for it doeth away [or taketh away] the fullness of the cloth, and a worse breaking is made.
17Neither men put new wine into old bottles [or old wine vessels], else the bottles [or wine vessels] be broken, and destroyed, and the wine shed out. But men put new wine into new bottles [or into new wine vessels], and both be kept.
18Whiles that Jesus spake these things to them, lo! a prince came, and worshipped him, and said, Lord, my daughter is now dead; but come thou, and put thine hand on her, and she shall live.
19And Jesus rose, and his disciples, and pursued him.
20And lo! a woman, that had a bloody flux, [or that suffered the running of blood], twelve years, nighed behind, and touched the hem of his cloth.
21For she said within herself, If I touch only the cloth of him, I shall be safe.
22And Jesus turned, and saw her, and said, Daughter, have thou trust; thy faith hath made thee safe. And the woman was [made] whole from that hour.
23And when Jesus came into the house of the prince, and saw minstrels, and the people making noise,
24he said, Go ye away, for the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth. And they scorned him.
25And when the folk was put out, he went in, and held her hand; and the damsel rose [up].
26And this fame went out into all that land.
27And when Jesus passed from thence, two blind men crying pursued him [or two blind men pursued him, crying], and said, Thou son of David, have mercy on us.
28And when he came into the house, the blind men came to him; and Jesus said to them, What will ye, that I do to you? And they said, Lord, that our eyes be opened. And Jesus said, Believe ye, that I may do this thing to you? They said to him, Yea, Lord.
29Then he touched their eyes, and said, After your faith be it done to you.
30And the eyes of them were opened. And Jesus threatened them, and said, See ye, that no man know.
31But they went out, and famed him through all that land.
32And when they were gone out, lo! they brought to him a dumb man, having a devil.
33And when the devil was cast out, the dumb man spake. And the people wondered, and said, It hath not been seen thus in Israel [or It appeared never so in Israel].
34But the Pharisees said, In the prince of devils he casteth out devils.
35And Jesus went about all the cities and castles, teaching in the synagogues of them, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every languor [or all ache], and every sickness.
36And he saw the people, and had ruth on them; for they were travailed, and lying as sheep not having a shepherd.
37Then he said to his disciples, Soothly there is much ripe corn, but few workmen.
38Therefore pray ye the Lord of the ripe corn, that he send workmen into his ripe corn.

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