Matthew 10
1And when his twelve disciples were called together, he gave to them power of unclean spirits, to cast them out of men, and to heal every languor [or all ache], and [all] sickness.
2And these be the names of the twelve apostles; the first, Simon, that is called Peter, and Andrew, his brother; James of Zebedee, and John, his brother;
3Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew, publican; and James [of] Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus;
4Simon Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, that betrayed Christ [or which betrayed him].
5Jesus sent these twelve, and commanded [to] them, and said, Go ye not into the way of heathen men, and enter ye not into the cities of Samaritans;
6but rather go ye to the sheep of the house of Israel, that have perished.
7And go ye, and preach ye, and say, that the kingdom of heavens shall nigh;
8heal ye sick men, raise ye dead men, cleanse ye mesels [or leprous men], cast ye out devils; freely ye have taken, freely give ye.
9Do not ye wield gold, nor silver, nor money in your girdles,
10not a scrip in the way, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor a staff [or a rod]; for a workman is worthy his meat.
11Into whatever city, or castle, ye shall enter, ask ye who therein is worthy, and there dwell ye, till ye go out.
12And when ye go into an house, greet ye it, and say, Peace to this house.
13And if that house be worthy, your peace shall come on it; but if that house be not worthy, your peace shall turn again to you.
14And whoever receiveth not you, nor heareth your words, go ye forth from that house or city, and sprinkle off the dust of your feet [or smite away the dust from your feet].
15Truly I say to you, it shall be more sufferable to the land of men of Sodom and of Gomorrah in the day of judgement, than to that city.
16Lo! I send you as sheep in the middle [or into the midst] of wolves; therefore be ye sly, [or prudent, or wary, or wise], as serpents, and simple as doves.
17But be ye ware of men, for they shall take you in councils, and they shall beat you in their synagogues;
18and to mayors, or to presidents, and to kings, ye shall be led for me, in witnessing to them, and to heathen men.
19But when they take you, do not ye think, how or what thing ye shall speak, for it shall be given to you in that hour, what ye shall speak;
20for it be not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father, that speaketh in you.
21And the brother shall betake the brother into death, and the father the son, and sons shall rise against [their] father and mother, and shall torment them by death [or to the death].
22And ye shall be in hate [or in hatred] to all men for my name; but he that shall dwell still [or shall continue] into the end, shall be made safe.
23And when they pursue you in this city, flee ye into another. Truly I say to you, ye shall not end the cities of Israel, before that man’s Son come.
24The disciple is not above the master [or above his master], nor the servant above his lord;
25it is enough to the disciple, that he be as his master, and to the servant as his lord. If they have called the husbandman, [or the father of the meine], Beelzebub, how much more his household meine?
26Therefore dread ye not them; for nothing is hid [or is covered], that shall not be showed; and nothing is privy, that shall not be known.
27That thing that I say to you in darknesses, say ye in the light; and preach ye on houses [or upon roofs], that thing that ye hear in the ear.
28And do not ye dread them that slay the body; for they may not slay the soul; but rather dread ye him, that may lose both soul and body into hell.
29Whether two sparrows be not sold for an halfpenny? and one of them shall not fall on the earth without your Father.
30And all the hairs of your head be numbered.
31Therefore do not ye dread; ye be better than many sparrows.
32Therefore every man that shall acknowledge me before men, I shall acknowledge him before my Father that is in heavens.
33But he that shall deny me before men, I shall deny him before my Father that is in heavens.
34Do not ye deem that I came to send peace into [the] earth; I came not to send peace, but sword.
35For I came to part a man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the son’s wife against the husband’s mother;
36and the enemies of a man be they, that be at home with him.
37He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy to me/is not worthy of me. And he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy to me [or of me].
38And he that taketh not his cross, and pursueth me, is not worthy to me [or of me].
39He that findeth his life, shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for me, shall find it.
40He that receiveth you, receiveth me; and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that sent me.
41He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet, shall take [or shall receive] the meed of a prophet. And he that receiveth a just man in the name of a just man, shall take [or shall receive] the meed of a just man.
42And whoever giveth drink to one of these least, a cup of cold water only, in the name of a disciple, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his meed.

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