Psalms 111

Psalms 111

Celebrate God’s Greatness
1Shout hallelujah to Yahweh!
May every one of his devoted lovers hear my passionate praise to him,
even among the council of the holy ones.
2For God’s mighty miracles astound me!
His wonders are so delightfully mysterious
that they leave all who seek them astonished.
3Everything he does is full of splendor and beauty!
Each miracle demonstrates his eternal perfection.
4His unforgettable works of surpassing wonder
reveal his grace and tender mercy.
5He satisfies all who love and trust him,
and he keeps every promise he makes.
6He reveals mighty power and marvels to his people
by handing them nations as a gift.
7All God accomplishes is flawless, faithful, and fair,
and his every word proves trustworthy and true.
8They are steadfast forever and ever,
formed from truth and righteousness.
9His forever-love paid a full ransom for his people
so that now we’re free to come before Yahweh
to worship his holy and awesome name!
10Where can wisdom be found? It is born in the fear of God.
Everyone who follows his ways
will never lack his living-understanding.
And the adoration of God will abide throughout eternity!
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