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Mokanda na Bomoi

Biblica® Salela na bonsomi Mokanda na Bomoi™, Ebongisami na maloba

Makomi na se ya bokonzi © 2021 Biblica, Inc. mpe ya Davar Partners International

Biblica® Open Lingala Contemporary Bible™, Audio Edition

Copyright © 2021 by Biblica, Inc. and Davar Partners International

Biblica® Salela na bonsomi Mokanda na Bomoi™

Makomi na se ya bokonzi © 2002, 2020 Biblica, Inc.

Biblica® Open Lingala Contemporary Bible™

Copyright © 2002, 2020 by Biblica, Inc.

« Biblica » mpe elembo ya Biblica ezali bilembo ya mombongo oyo Biblica, Inc. akomisa na mikanda ya leta mpe na ndako ya mosala ya nkita ya ekolo Amerika. Esalelami na ndingisa ya Biblica.

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