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Step into Purpose


Until You Can’t Touch the Ground 

Vision is so crucial for stepping into your purpose. 

Ezekiel 47 tells of the river that flows out from the temple, from the Holy of Holies (see Isaiah 6:1-6). This passage is powerful because it shows that if you pursue God’s holiness, you will undoubtedly receive vision for the purpose that He has for you. 

But, as the passage shows, this is not achieved within your comfort zone.  

Ezekiel progresses through four different levels before he is able to see. So often we ask God to reveal our purpose, but we’re only willing to go ankle-deep. The vision Ezekiel sees is of abundant life sustained by proximity to the holiness of God (the river, see Psalm 1:1-3). Things that drift away end up stagnant and lifeless (Ez. 47:11). 

If you want clarity and sustained vision for your purpose, you need to venture into a relationship with God that pushes your boundaries. One in which you are immersed, where your feet don’t touch the bottom of your comfort zone. It’s in this place that you surrender your control and, in exchange, find yourself carried by Him into a purpose that contains the fullness of life. 

Written by Candace Tossas

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