E Nevi Zmluva pal o Romanes 2014 (RNC)

Romani: Romanes (Karpatský) [Carpathian Romani]

Read Version: E Nevi Zmluva pal o Romanes 2014Audio Bible: E Nevi Zmluva pal o Romanes 2014

Rómčina, Vychodoslovenská E Nevi Zmluva

This translation, published by The Word for the World Slovakia, was published in 2014.

If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy, please contact The Word for the World, Slovakia at www.romanibiblia.org.

Slovo pre Svet na Slovensku vydával tento preklad v roku 2014.

Keby ste si chceli objednať kópiu, napíšte prosím Slovo pre Svet na Slovensku, o.z. na adresu: Soľ 134, 094 35 Soľ.


The Word for the World International

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