Nouvo Testaman dan Kreol Morisien (NTKM2009)

Morisyen [Mauritian]

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Nouvo Testaman dan Kreol Morisien 

Apre sorti Levanzil Mark an 2002, liv parabol ek Mirak an 2004, e Levanzil Zan lor CD an 2006, asterla Nouvo Testaman dan nou langaz maternel vinn enn realite. Sa proze la finn realize par led ki Alliance Biblique Universelle finn donn Sosiete Biblik lil Moris e bann Legliz. Li avek boukou plezir ek fierte ki nou prezant sa Nouvo Testaman la pou kominote Kretien e osi tou bann Morisien an zeneral.

Mauritian Kreol New Testament

This translation, published by the Bible Society of Mauritius, was published in 2009. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy, please contact the Bible Society of Mauritius at


Bible Society of Mauritius

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