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The first Anglican Inuinnaqtun Hymn and Prayer Book written by the Late Bishop John Sperry has been rewritten to reflect the newest orthography as presented by Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK). We started thinking that if we want Sperry's works to be read with understanding and to attract the youth and younger adults to church, both of Sperry's works (Hymn and Prayer Book and the Gospels of the Apostles) needed to be revised.

From there, I paid a visit to the Late Bishop Sperry while he lived in Hay River to share with him the idea to revise his works for the reasons stated above, and more importantly to get his permission and blessing to do so. Upon agreement, approval and consent, he prayed for the team that would be tasked in cooperation with the Canadian Bible Society. We also took the project idea to the current Bishop of the Arctic for his blessing.

Prior to revising the Inuinnaqtun Hymn and Prayer Book, led by the Canadian Bible Society, the Red Book, the Gospels of the Apostles (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) were digitized as written by the Late Bishop Sperry for archival purposes. Translation of the Gospel of Mark has since been completed and processed through the Bible translation processes of the Canadian Bible Society.

The team consisting of Minister Paul Williams, Susie Qihuulik Evyagotailak, Millie Qitupana Kuliktana, the Canadian Bible Society and I, Edna Ekhivalak Elias is very pleased to present you these new productions.

Hivullit Anglicanmiut Inuinnaqtuuqtun Atuutit Qin'ngautillu titiraqtauhimajut Minihitaqpaugaluamit John Sperrymit atuqhugu nutaatqiaq titirauhiliugaq Inuit Tapiriit Kanatamitkunnit (ITK). Ihumavalirapta taiguqtauquguviptigit kangiqhiajaulutik angaajjugiaquguvigillu inulramiit nukakhiillu inirniit, tamarmik Sperrym havaangik (Atuutit Qingautillu tamnalu Gospelit Hitamat Apostlelit Havangit) nutaan'nguqtitaujarialiqtut.

Talvangaanin, pulaaqpagara Bishop Sperry inuullaktillugu Hay Rivermiitpaktillugu tuhaqtittumaplugu havaariumajaptingnik, qanurlu ihumagijaakhaanik, angirumilu qingautiquplugu havaakhak. Angiqatigiikkamnuk, angiqhunilu, qingautijait havaqatigiikniaqtut tapkualu Canadian Bible Societykut. Tuhaqtitaqqullu hajjajuq Minihitaqpak David Parsons angiquplugu qingautilutalu.

Hivuagut ukuninga Inuinnaqtuuqtunik Atuutinik Qingautiniglu nutaan'nguqtiritinata, hivulliuqtaupluta Canadian Bible Societykunit, tamna Aupajaaqtuq Gospelit Hitamat Apostlelit Havaangit (Matthew, Mark, Luke Johnlu) qaritaujanut nakittaqtavut tutqumayauyangini. Inuinnaqtun numiktiqtaunia Apostle Mark Havaangit iniqtuqmalikhugit numiktittirutait Canadian Bible Societykut.

Havaqatigiit Minihtaq Paul Williams, Susie Qihuulik Evyagotailak, Millie Qitupana Kuliktana, Canadian Bible Societykut uvangalu Edna Ekhivalak Elias quviahuktugut tunihipluta ukuninga nutaanik makpiraanik. 

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