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  • ReThink Life: 40 Day Devotional

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    Most people approach life based on what popular culture says is normal, but when we approach life from God's perspective it changes everything. This 40-Day ReThink Life Experiment is based upon Rodney and Michelle Gage’s new book called ReThink Life. This experiment will challenge you to “rethink” seven of the most important areas of life. Each day focuses on a verse of scripture, key thought, and prayer for the day.

  • Blending A Family 40 day Devotional

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    Blending a Family 40-day Devotional written by Moe and Paige Becnel at Blending a Family Ministry is a resource for remarried families. The Becnel’s married in 1989 with 5 children, and were quickly overwhelmed with many issues exclusive to blended families. The plan discusses the cause of the issues many families face, and provides solutions found in God’s Word that fuel family growth. God is for you!

  • Who's Your One 40-Day Devotional

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    Every great evangelistic movement is made up of prayerful people. Who's Your One? is an initiative purposed to encourage everyday people to intentionally share Jesus with at least one person this year. The Who's Your One 40-Day Devotional, presented by the North American Mission Board, will walk you through 40 days of intentional prayer to provide encouragement for someone who needs the hope of the gospel.

  • Journeying With Jesus - 40 Days Lent Devotional

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    ‘Journeying With Jesus’ is a Bible plan to help us walk with Jesus through the last two chapters of Matthew. We stop to focus on Jesus' last days on this earth and what that means to us. How does that change who I am and Whose I am today? We will take time to dwell on Scripture and “bring it home” with questions that make us consider where we are on the journey of knowing Jesus.   

  • Trusting God Day by Day Devotional

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    Whether it’s learning to release the things you can’t control or finding the courage to step out in faith to follow God’s calling on your life, these readings from Joyce Meyer's Trusting God Day by Day devotional will help cement trust in your attitudes so you can confidently face whatever the day holds. Get fresh teaching and inspiration to renew your faith and develop a godly perspective on even the most difficult trials and challenges. Start building your trust in God day by day!

  • A Simple Rule: 40-Day Prayer Journey

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    Develop a rhythm of prayer that integrates your faith into your daily life, following Paul’s simple advice: rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. Learn to see life through God’s eyes, develop fresh habits of prayerfulness, and grow more like Christ, shaped by time spent with Him.

  • Run / Rest: A 40 Day Journey Toward Rest

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    Stress. Anxiety. Chaos. Hustle. Worry. Busyness. These are words you might be thinking about, talking about, and experiencing pretty regularly. It sometimes feels like we’re stuck running a race to get things done, be the best, do everything, and earn everyone’s approval. But if you want to keep running, you’ve got to rest. For the next 40 days, what if you made it a habit to rest in God’s presence?

  • Grave - 5-Day Devotional

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    We all walk through dark times in our lives, but God has promised to bring us through to the light. He uses everything we go through to point us to the hope of resurrection.

  • 40 Faces, 40 Places: A Devotional Journey

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    A crowd-sourced devotional journey about Christians joining God at work in daily life. Created with submissions from Christians across the UK and the wider world, this journey answers the question, ‘What is God doing out there through people like me?’

  • Bloom 3 Day Devotional

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    There's a lesson in every season that we walk through. There's also an opportunity to grow. No matter how challenging the season is that you're walking through, you must remain in faith and choose to bloom even when faced with adversity. The author shares her truth to encourage women of God to bloom. This daily devotional focuses on character development and waters the seed of your faith.

  • Easter - 5 Day Devotional

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    Holy Week is such an important time of reflection in the Christian life. We pray these devotionals will lead you with joy and anticipation for the risen Christ. As you celebrate today, and every day, remember to be expectant. Remember to serve. Remember the blood. Remember the deafening silence. Remember to be surprised. For in Christ, you have life and you have it abundantly.

  • 40 Days Of Love

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    Everyone has a life principle, whether it’s comfort, fun, safety, or affirmation. Join Pastor Rick for this series that walks through the ways to make love the most important goal of your life and be obedient to Christ: “Let love be your greatest aim” (1 Corinthians 14:1).

  • Grace: A 5 Day Devotional

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    A 5 Day Devotional focuses on the meaning of grace - how we can give it and how we can receive it.

  • Joy: 37-Day Devotional

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    Women all over the nation have come together to write the Joy Devotional. This 37-day devotional, filled with biblically sound writings, will help focus your heart on the joy that only comes from Christ. If you have faced the loss of a loved one, felt abandoned, overwhelmed, and need encouragement, this devotional is for you! Join us, along with women all over the world, in reading the Joy Devotional.

  • 40 Days In The Word

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    The Bible is your bread and water and will sustain you for a lifetime of faithful service. But you have to do more than just read God’s Word! In this series, Pastor Rick walks through the steps of effective Bible study and application so that you can build your life on the solid foundation of God’s Word and let it change the way you live.

  • LOVE Week 7-Day Devotional

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    If you want to see what God can do through you, it begins within, but it shouldn’t stop there. By taking action and serving others in Jesus’ name, we can make a significant, lasting impact. In this 7-Day LOVE Week Devotional, be encouraged to look beyond yourself and begin delivering hope to those around you.

  • A 7-Day Devotional on Hope

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    What are you hoping for today? Is it a vague hope or a clear hope? Sometimes it’s easy for us to lose sight of what the word hope really means. True hope comes from heaven, and it helps fuel our faith. When God gives you a promise, He wants you to get your hopes up and believe!


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    When fear and anxieties are high, we need the Bible! The Word of God is a solid foundation when you feel like you are on sinking sand. It is a certainty when there is none, hope when you can’t find any. It is the security and safety we need in times like this. Spend 7 days in God's Word to combat all you are facing today.

  • Rise Up: A Three Day Devotional

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    Join us on a three-day journey through scripture as we explore what it means to ‘Rise Up’ in Jesus’ power, love, and presence! Inspired by our song, “Rise Up (Lazarus)”, we walk through Jesus’ resurrection, the miracle with Lazarus, the impact of deliverance, and the importance those events and experiences have for believers. Thank you for learning with us! -Taylor, Madison, and Logan (of the band, CAIN)

  • A 7-Day Devotional on Love

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    Sometimes we’re trying to clean ourselves up, trying hard to be good enough, and then we’ll believe that God really loves us, but God loves you right now. He loved you when you were doing wrong and were off course. God put His love on you. You are permanently loved. Nothing you’ve done has changed God’s love for you.

  • A 7-Day Devotional on Peace

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    If you have fear, worry, or anxiety about anything, recognize that those feelings aren’t from God because He has promised to give you a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. There is tremendous power in peace. When you are at peace internally, you can think more clearly. You can hear the voice of God more easily. You’ll make better decisions. Even your physical body responds to peace.

  • Flourish In Christ: 7-Day Devotional

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    How can you Flourish in Christ when heartache is present? There is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to mourn and a time to dance, but no matter the season you are in right now, you are in a season to Flourish in Christ. This 7-day devotional will point you to Christ in your current season. 

  • Jonah: A 5-Day Devotional

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    Over the course of five days, read through the entire book of Jonah alongside theologically rich passages from the ESV Expository Commentary: Daniel—Malachi: Volume 7.

  • The Forty-Day Word Fast

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    God wants His people to walk in unity. But that unity is hindered when we judge, criticize, complain, gossip, or use sarcasm or negative words. This kind of speech brings death to our fellowship with other believers. In this seven-day devotional, author Tim Cameron encourages readers to fast from these kinds of words. In so doing, they can break chains of the past, restore relationships, and become offense-proof.

  • Empty Grave: A Three-Day Devotional

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    “The resurrection changes everything, and we celebrate the greatest event in human history on Easter Sunday.” Join Ted Barrett, an umpire for Major League Baseball and Minister, as he walks through the importance of Easter in partnership with Zach Williams and his inspiring song, “Empty Grave.”