FCA Endurance: Why Do You Race?


Why Do You Race?

“Why Do You Race?” is a question that we ask within FCA Endurance, both to our co-competitors and to ourselves. It serves as a basic accountability question, inviting each person to intentionally explore their motives and goals as they train and compete. This ten day reading plan will engage you in that question.

However, before we answer the question, “Why Do You Race?” I believe it’s more important to answer “Why are we here?” Or, basically, why do we do anything at all, including endurance sports? If we don’t have a good answer to this fundamental question, life, including our training and racing, will truly have zero purpose, zero meaning - at least from an eternal perspective.

As you consider a possible answer to this question, I urge you to consider your source. Who gets to decide why we’re here and why we should do the things we do (including swimming, biking, running, etc.)? Answers could come from friends, the world, marketing, family, teachers, you, or a zillion other sources… each with their own agenda and limited perspective. For a question this significant though, I urge you to go to the One who has the ultimate authority to answer such a question, the One who created you with a specific purpose in mind… God Himself.

While I don’t want to oversimplify God, His plan, His purpose, and His will in a few short paragraphs; the Bible seems clear regarding our fundamental purpose for existing. Why are we here? Why were we created and what is expected of us? Simply, to glorify God! That’s our fundamental answer and one that we’ll explore in greater depth over the coming ten days.

1. Who or what is my source for determining my purpose and why I do the things I do?
2. Why do I race? Who or what is being glorified by my efforts?
3. What might it look like for me to glorify God in everything that I do?

For more information regarding a team of endurance athletes who are racing to glorify the Lord, please visit www.FCAEndurance.org