Oswald Chambers: Hope - A Holy Promise

The call of God only becomes clear as we obey, never as we weigh the pros and cons and try to reason it out. When we hear the call of God it is not for us to dispute with God, and arrange to obey Him if He will expound the meaning of His call to us. As long as we insist on having the call expounded to us, we will never obey; but when we obey it is expounded, and in looking back there comes a chuckle of confidence. Before us there is nothing, but overhead there is God, and we have to trust Him.

When once a saint puts confidence in the election of God, no tribulation or affliction can ever touch that confidence. When we realize that there is no hope of deliverance in human wisdom, or in human rectitude, or in anything that we can do, then we accept the justification of God and to stand true to the election of God in Christ Jesus. This is the finest cure for spiritual degeneration.

Reflection Questions: What question am I waiting for God to answer? What command is God waiting for me to obey?

Quotations taken from Not Knowing Where and Christian Disciplines, © Discovery House Publishers