Catalyst: Devotions For Leaders Who Love The Church

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Hallelujah! There is no greater news than the Gospel. We’ve been given life through Christ’s grace and mercy, and, as leaders who love the Church, there is nowhere else we would rather start. For many of us, we forget to reflect on where we’ve come from or to take an honest look at where we are currently.

Let today be different. Give yourself time to thank Jesus for rescuing you from death and breathing new life into you; the life you now share with others as a leader. Most importantly remember that this new life was not earned, it was received, and it was received free from all the chains and hang-ups that were a daily part of your old, dead life. Let today be a new beginning for you. Let what’s dead be dead and embrace the things of God. Living in the true freedom of Christ starts within, but it might be the most important thing you do as a leader.

Jesus, thank you for your death, burial, and resurrection. Thank you that I have done nothing to earn your love, but that it is freely given. Jesus, I confess there are parts of my heart that cling to the chains of my past, and that I have knowingly and unknowingly held on to those chains. But, Jesus, I believe that through You I have been given new life, and so I lay these chains down.

Lord, put to death the things of my dead life and begin to breathe freedom and security into my new heart. I want to be a leader in this world, but more than that I want to live in freedom, so those around me can see your glory. Amen.