He Calls Us By Name

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Little Noises

I’m so intimately acquainted with the sounds of my family members that I can tell you which one of our kids is coming in my room by the way they cough or clear their throat. The same goes for my husband when he comes home from work: I know it’s him before he ever says my name by the way he pops his gum, or the way his footsteps sound as he walks down the hall. I know all their little noises. 

This is how we should be with Jesus. We should be so aware of His presence in our lives that it’s easy to recognize Him. He is our Good Shepherd and He wants to be intimately acquainted with each of His sheep. Just like shepherds know their flock, Jesus knows us. He calls us by name and leads us out of bondage, out of unbelief, out of fear, out of insecurity, and out of hopelessness. He leads us to freedom in Him. He goes ahead of us, paving the way. He calls us by name and desires for us to be so intimately acquainted with Him that we can sense His leading in every area of our lives. He wants us to know and recognize His movements, promptings, and presence. He wants us to know His noises.