Grace Anna Sings: Navigating Change

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When we accept Christ in our hearts others around us should notice a definite change. The things we enjoyed in our old life may have to be adjusted to follow God’s word. Sometimes these changes are not as easy as we think they should be.

I accepted Christ at the age of twelve. In the many years since that day, I’ve learned that I cannot hold onto things in my past that have pushed a wedge in my relationship with God. I had to make changes in every aspect of my life. These changes included everything from what I watched on television to how I conducted myself when I disagreed with someone. 

At times the changes I made were not easily accepted by others. There were days I struggled to find my bearings, wondering if every day in my Christian walk would be so difficult. The more I focused on how others reacted, the more unsettled I became. Once I quit worrying what others thought of me and started listening to God’s guiding spirit, the calmer I became.

Although a Christian’s life should be a light to others, if we focus only on the change we want others to see, we are missing the entire point; we should focus on change that serves the kingdom of God. If we are doing what His spirit leads us to do, He will take care of us and we will receive His glory. Remember, we want God’s favor, not the world’s.