Bring What You Have

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Childlike Faith

In this story, there were 5,000 men listening to Jesus teach and they were getting hungry. Jesus asked His disciple Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” Another disciple, Andrew, spoke up and told them of a boy willing to offer his lunch. Andrew then said, “...but how far will it go among so many?” This verse is telling of the doubts of the disciples. They saw the enormity of the situation and had serious concerns. They seemed to forget who was with them. This is a powerful reminder for us not to focus on the overwhelming need of our situations or on coming up short. The boy simply gave Jesus what he had to give. With Jesus, that’s always enough. Do we do as this boy did and offer what we have to God in faith? Or,like the disciples in this story, do we doubt that it will make a difference? Let’s trust God with childlike faith and bring Him what we have.