Dance Again Devotionals

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Our Father God is a god of restoration.

He comforts us in disappointment.

He is gentle when we feel like an angry mess.

He is a quiet strength when frustration threatens to overwhelm us.

He disarms our best defenses with His persistent grace.

He confronts our human pride with His perfect love.

He heals our bodies of disease & stress.

He looks for hopeless situations to flood with His Hope.

His hope does not disappoint.

He gives us the Grace to be like Him.

And to overcome our challenges with strength & joy..

Dance Again is a song about God's restoration power & our response to Him.

Many people worship when times are good but quit in challenging times. When we worship God as a good God even when our circumstances aren’t, we bring glory to Him. Our perspective is corrected. His peace floods our hearts. His presence lets us know that He is with us. He is Faithful, He is trustworthy, and He is always in control.

Today, allow His spirit to begin a work of restoration in you. Maybe you need an emotional or a physical healing? Maybe you need Him to heal a broken relationship or expectation? Let Him do it. Ask Him to heal you and He will. Determine to stand on the promise that He WILL restore beauty to brokenness. And while you’re in the process….Praise Him.