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Step Into Light: Feeling God’s Love On Dark DaysSample

Step Into Light: Feeling God’s Love On Dark Days

DAY 1 OF 3

The Light You Carry

Darkness, my child, is only temporary. The light inside you illuminates the darkness. You carry the lamp. I keep it lit. You bear within you the flame my breath of life ignites. It is the light that guides your feet, that marks your path, that casts away shadows. You, my darling, are a light bearer—a truth teller. You mark the way of truth with the path you walk, in light.

Walk in my light, child.

I produce the light, and I illuminate you. I make you shine. There is light within you that cannot be put out, and it spurs you on and guides my children home.

I keep it lit, for you to recognize my voice. I keep it lit, for you to trust Me more and know my goodness is not temporary. I keep it lit, that the world’s darkness has a light to guide them. I keep it lit, so that when you stumble, you will not be afraid . . . for you will know the way home.

Respond to that light within you, my love.

You shine, with Me in you.

It is beautiful to behold.

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Step Into Light: Feeling God’s Love On Dark Days

When you feel hopeless and sad, it can feel like it will last forever. The darkness can feel like an eternity. But God wants to remind us that the darkness is only temporary. He is always present with you, and He cannot ...


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