Simply Blessed—Finding Joy In The Little Things

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You Are More Than the Choices That You Make

Often people allow the choices they make to define how they see themselves. They see a big scarlet letter, a label that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those unhealthy labels are lies the enemy wants us to never let go of. 

Because of God’s love, we are remade and are no longer labeled by our past mistakes. With God, we can find our true identity. I have seen women move from lives of sorrow to lives of joy when they opened their hearts to receive his love and forgiveness. In him, they were truly remade. They tossed away any labels the enemy had them believing and raised their eyes to the Lord for a true picture of who they are! 

Scripture has a lot to say about who we are in Christ, and when we dig in to find the truth we can expose the lies we have believed about who we are. By looking to God and to scripture you will find that God’s love is enormous and that you can find your identity in him and not in your mistakes. 

God created you and has a plan for you. You need to understand that, no matter what lies you have believed, God sees you as his beloved daughter. And, when you allow God to erase the lies you carry from your past, you will begin to see yourself as he sees you: without blame. 

Lord, please help the woman who is reading this to see how beautiful she is in your eyes. May she know that the lies the enemy has fed her and the labels he has tried to place on her are not true. The truth lies in how you see her. In your eyes, God, she is your masterpiece. Amen.

Now, take a few moments to read the three scriptures linked to this devotion and let the truth of them take root in your heart. Next, say your own prayer asking God help you see yourself as he sees you. It doesn’t need to be long or fancy. God is concerned about the heart behind the words, not how fancy they are.