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Uncommen: Husbands DefinedSample

Uncommen: Husbands Defined

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Husband Defined

When we use the word husband, some connotations may come to mind. If you look at popular culture and entertainment, the husband on most sitcoms is an idiot, incompetent and emotionally immature. It’s feeding into a more significant cultural narrative to attack men’s leadership in the home.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, husband is defined simply as “a male partner in a marriage.”   

The word comes from the Old Norse word húsbóndi, “master of a house,” from hús “house” + bóndi, “occupier and tiller of the soil.” The original sense of the verb was “till or cultivate.” This shows us two concepts about husbands. First, he is the master of the house. Second, he occupies and tills or cultivates the soil. This has significant meaning when looking at the Bible definition of a husband.

The earliest reference we have according to the Bible is in Genesis 2:21-25. That text is when God made a woman from Adam’s rib. This is the first reference to husband and wife being from one flesh. Simply put, a husband is a man who is tasked with the roles of being a provider, Spiritual leader, and head of his household for his wife. He uses the example and inspiration of Jesus Christ to place the needs of his wife above his own in providing for her physical, emotional and Spiritual needs. In doing so, he glorifies God and is a living example of Jesus Christ in the home.

UNCOMMEN Reflection: How are husbands often portrayed in popular culture? What kind of husband was your father? How can you learn from his example; what to do and what not to do? What kind of husband do you want to be?

Bible References:  

Genesis 2:21-25

1 Corinthians 11:3

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Uncommen: Husbands Defined

We live in a time and place where words and even facts are continually being challenged and redefined. The result of this is unclear roles for a husband within family life. Without a precise function, this leads to insta...


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