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Have You Received Bad News?

I am sad this morning. A friend of mine was given the news this week that she has cancer. It is quite severe, and at this time, the prognosis is uncertain. She and her husband have two young children and are both in their mid- to late thirties. Tragic to say the least! 

When we hear news like this, how should we respond? My first response was to call the husband, who has worked for us since he was 17 years old. Then I started praying, and have been doing so several times a day. Anytime they come to my heart—and that is frequently—I pray! I pray for God’s divine comfort and His grace to take over in this situation. I pray for healing (preferably a miracle), right doctors, accurate diagnosis, and wisdom for the family in making decisions. I offered to do anything I can to help, although I know that there is not much I can do except “be there.”

I made a promise that we would be there for them all the way through the journey, and I think that means more to people than we may comprehend. We don’t have to feel the pressure to give answers or advice that we don’t have. We help people who are hurting immensely when we don’t “forget” them in their pain, especially if what they are going through takes a while to get through. 

God’s Word teaches that we are more than conquerors (see Romans 8:37), and I believe that is true. To me, it means that we can know even before difficulty begins that in the end, we will have the victory, and God will comfort us all the way through it. He will enable us, strengthen us, and hold us every step of the way. Yes, we cry, we feel unimaginable pain, and we may get confused and ask questions that can’t be answered at the time, but through it all, God is there, giving us assurance that we are loved!


Father, please comfort all the people who are hurting today. You are the one who comforts us in our affliction, and we trust You to give us grace and more grace to stand firm, even in the midst of tragedy.