Healing & Freedom - Disciple Makers Series #9

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


Fulfilling Messianic Promises

Thoughts on the message

Matthew wrote this book to help people understand that Jesus was the coming Messiah.  One of the promises of the Messiah is that He would bring healing.  In this passage we see healing is physical and spiritual – healing Peter’s mother-in-law physically and those bound by demons spiritually.

When Jesus entered a new city or town, this was often where He started – healing people.  Do not be afraid to ask Jesus to start here.  It must not finish here.  Jesus wants to release God’s kingdom blessings on people (this was Matthew 5-7), but this was often where He started.

Finally, it is important that Jesus started this healing in Peter’s house.  Peter was someone who chose to follow Jesus, invited Jesus to his house and had faith that Jesus could help his mother-in-law.  This is known as a “person of peace” – someone willing to trust Jesus and open up his house to Him.  

Time to Pray

Father, what do I need to learn about Jesus and His heart for people?  Too often I think I know everything that I should – yet I know that there is more.  Jesus, You had a heart for hurting people.  What does it take to always see these people through eyes of compassion – and not get overwhelmed by the need?  What does it take to release blessing – and not get exhausted?  Jesus, I need You to help me learn this.  I ask that You strengthen my heart to first see needy people through Your eyes and then to bring them to You.  You alone can touch them and release healing..  In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.