Take Hold Of The Faith You Long For

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Step One

I love reading about times when God intervened in someone’s life. But almost every time God performed a miracle in the Bible, He required others to participate:

Build an ark.

Lift your staff.

Fill your jug.

Gather jars.

Make a cake.

Blow a trumpet.

Give a shout. 

Jesus echoed His Father’s cadence in the New Testament:

Take up your pallet.

Cast your nets.

Stretch out your hand.

Wash off the mud.

Look in the fish’s mouth.

Roll away the stone.

Cast your nets.

Go and tell. 

In every one of these marvels, God’s power followed someone’s obedience. Most of us don’t like the word obedience. But it is the pathway to the faith you long for. 

Remember that often God will not show you step two until you have taken step one. Living bold is full of uncertainty. God told Abraham, “Go . . . to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1). That’s not a lot of information. But every one of the plans God has prepared for us requires letting go of one thing and taking hold of another. And almost always, we need to talk to God more about what He’s told us to do and talk to people less about what He’s told us to do. 

As you obey, you will experience a thriving faith filled with a wellspring of wonders. You will see miracles. Sometimes, you will be the miracle. 

That’s what happens when you decide to leave the mundane safety of cul-de-sac Christianity and venture out into the adventurous life of the thriving faith. When you know the answer to the question, “Who am I?” When you allow the great I AM to fill in your gaps. When you leave the past behind and reach forward to all that lies ahead. When you stop comparing yourself to others and revel in the uniqueness of you. When you believe God will work through you, for you, and in you. 

Consider this: If you haven’t heard from God lately, perhaps He is waiting for you to do something He has already told you to do. So let go of all that holds you hostage to a mediocre faith. Move forward with the promises of God blowing your sails. Live bold with Jesus at the helm. 


What might God have already told you to do? What would be the first step in obeying that call?