Courageous Humility Pt. 1


Am I feeling “stuck” in one or more areas of life? Relationship with Christ, husband, or children? Do I feel idle and sinking in with no sense of God’s plan and purpose for my life, in my home, career, fitness, nutrition or character? Do I feel like I’m on sinking ground? Do I feel unsteady or unbalanced in spirit, soul or body?

Lord help us explore these and other areas. Holy Spirit reveal to us Your heart. Gently and lovingly show Your heart to me. Help me see areas where I may be comfortably resting, when I should be courageously rising to something new.

Prayer: Jesus, I pray we have the courage to be honest about the hard places we may find ourselves in. I pray for courage to cry out to You and trust You WILL hear our cry. Please soften hearts, move us to allow You to lift us up from where we are, setting us on sure footing, and bringing balance as we walk in Your PURPOSE. Help us to cooperate with You in rising out of the mire, remind us that others will see and be amazed, ultimately turning their hearts to You!