Life: Is This It?

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Jesus Is The Way

You are growing up in the age of the GPS. 

Getting lost in a new city will be a thing of the past for this generation.

Wherever you are in the world all you need is a Smartphone and you can get a lock on your position and directions to your destination. 

Sadly, there is no GPS for life. 

There is no magical voice with a soothing British accent that tells us where to go, and what moves to make, and what choices will lead to the best outcome. We do a lot of recalculating and we make a lot of wrong turns, and it is often on a journey to an unknown destination. 

At least, that is how life feels for a lot of people. 

But what if, in the midst of our lack of direction and uncertainty about where our lives are headed, there was a voice that spoke with authority; a voice we could trust, a person who designed our lives and, therefore, knows the direction we should be headed. 

Jesus claimed to be that voice.

He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father, but through me” (vs. 6).

If you are trying to reach a specific destination, you cannot just walk in any direction and expect to arrive. You need specific instructions. Thankfully, in this passage Jesus is being specific because He loves us and wants us to be with Him forever. 

He is the way to God and the giver of life from God. 

Jesus makes this claim, not to exclude people from God’s presence, but to invite people to God’s eternal home through Him. The God of the universe has invited you to know Him through Jesus, and in this relationship we can experience life as God intended. 

Jesus promises a life with direction, a life with purpose, a life connected to God, and empowered to love others. 

This is a beautiful life in a broken world. 

Instead of a GPS we have a God who will lead us through the uncertainty and confusion of life straight to our heavenly Father’s home. So, do not let your heart be troubled. Instead of trusting your fear, trust in His presence, and His promises. He is preparing a place for you, and He will sustain you on the way to your forever home. 

The only question is, will you follow?