When The Devil Knocks

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The Doctor

Imagine you’re at the doctor because you don’t feel well, and this time it seems serious. Your doctor looks at you and says, “Well, I’ve got some good news, and some … good news.” He continues, “The good news is there aren’t any diseases, viruses, or signs of aging in your body.” Wanting to feel relieved, you keep listening, “The other good news is that you have strong bones, great microorganisms in your gut, and your heart is totally beating. Good job.” He lets you stare blankly for a bit, then finishes with, “Thanks for coming in! The receptionist will give you more information about how healthy and safe you are.”

What would you do? Would you walk out relieved, or would you go find another doctor who wasn’t completely crazy? Hopefully the latter. 

Sometimes we live a spiritual life silently advised by the crazy doctor. We walk around, doing your job, going to church, coming home, dropping off the kids, paying bills, and watching Netflix like everything’s all-good. Like there’s not a constant internal battle happening in your heart, mind, and soul. 

Imagine the doctor story again. What if you were fighting a life-threatening battle that could be overcome with the right care? If the doctor said, “It’s all good. Nothing going on here,” he wouldn’t be your doctor; he’d be your destroyer. 

Well, you are fighting a life-threatening battle that can be overcome with the right care. And you do have a destroyer. He is called the devil, Satan, Lucifer, the father of lies, the enemy, the deceiver, and the accuser. He wants you dead, spiritually dead. He’s often just like the crazy doctor.

But there is good news, real Good News. The Gospel. Jesus came into the world to destroy death, defeat the schemes of the devil, and give us life and more life. And because of Jesus, the good doctor, we don’t just fight this battle for victory, we fight from victory. 

Over the next few days we’ll look at who the devil is, what he does, and how we fight, from victory. 

Pray: God, open my eyes to the places in my heart, mind, and soul where I live like everything’s fine even though it’s not. Thank You for Your power to fight from victory!

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