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Transparent Faith

Our actions and behaviors can sometimes change depending on who we are around. Think about how you interact with family members. It may be different than how you talk with a longtime friend or how you act with an acquaintance. Your character may not change, but you act differently based on who you are interacting with. Now think about how you communicate around people who follow Jesus versus those who do not. Do you only acknowledge Jesus around those who follow Him? Or are you transparent about your faith no matter who is around? Phil Miglioratti recalls a time when a natural conversation with a friend helped move someone else closer to Jesus.

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Being open about your faith in Jesus, no matter who is listening, can open doors for the gospel in many ways. It makes people aware that you are a follower of Jesus. And talking about God with your Christian friends in the presence of others, helps identify them as followers of Jesus. This level of openness will help you and your friends be effective witnesses together for Jesus.

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