12 Days To A Love That Lasts



Welcome to your journey through scripture, uncovering twelve essential building blocks to a love that lasts. First up: finances.


Did you think we would start with something easy? No way! We're taking one of the hardest ones, because we're serious about helping you build a lasting love with your spouse.


The thing about finances is that so many couples don't like to talk about it. Whether it's out of embarrassment, or not wanting to acknowledge the truth of it, or just a discontent of talking money, far too many couples let this topic languish – until they're in trouble.


But scripture lets us know that not only is this a topic to talk about, but it's also something to plan for.


Your finances are a resource, something for you to steward. You can spend your money how you want, as long as you do it in good conscience, and you both are on the same page, and that you're doing it intentionally.


Get a plan, get on the same page, and then stay on it. And watch what God does in   your relationship as a result.